Tree Topping and Lopping In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Topping and lopping are two different methods of tree cutting, but both serve the same purpose. Topping is a process where the top of a tree is cut haphazardly, while lopping is cutting branches or stems. With that being said, these methods need serious consideration before they are acted out since they do serious harm to a tree. 

You might be wondering why do we still offer these services if topping and lopping are not beneficial to trees? In truth, we are not entirely happy doing both of these services, but sometimes the reasons prove to be much greater than the risks involved. 
A picture of a man in a bucket cutting a tree

What are the advantages?

  • Emergency Purposes: During emergencies where strong winds or heavy storms damages a tree, it becomes hazardous. This is where we come in and cut off these branches as a preventive measure. It may not bode well for the tree, but it can certainly prevent people from getting injured.
  • Safety Purposes: Tree topping can be done to prevent storm damages and from other extreme weather. By cutting off the branches, it can lessen the risks involved. This also includes interference with electrical poles, building structures, or other properties. 
  • Improve Aesthetics: Similar to tree trimming, topping and lopping can be performed to improve the appearance of trees. If a tree has unusually overgrown branches, certain parts are cut off to promote symmetry.

Disadvantages of Topping and Lopping

Since we’re cutting off branches and stems without regard to its health, you can expect a couple of disadvantages. While some may be able to recover, some can’t and might end up with tree removal.


  • Detrimental to a tree’s well-being. Topping and lopping can cause stress, which greatly affects the process of photosynthesis. A process where the tree creates food for itself and distribute it to its parts. It the tree is severely weakened, it may not have the energy to produce enough food, and will eventually lead to poor health, or even death.
  • Large open wounds can cause infections and decay. Unlike trimming, cutting off branches haphazardly leaves a wound that is often irreparable. This causes the tree to become vulnerable to diseases, sickness, and pest infestations.
  • Reduced attractiveness. If the tree poses safety risks, the process has no regard for beauty whatsoever. The public’s safety should always be the top priority.

Before administering tree lopping or tree lopping services, you might want to think hard on its effects on your trees. By cutting off branches willy nilly, you are causing serious damage to a tree’s health. If you did consider and insist on doing it, consult with your local arborist or give us a call. Unlike other tree care companies, we try our best to minimize damage and give the tree a chance to recover. 

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