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Usually, after the process of tree removal or stump removal, there is leftover debris that needs to be taken care of. But rather than getting rid of it, you can instead go for wood chipping and mulching services. It’s one of our services that will turn your branches, trunks, stumps, or any wood for that matter into wood chips that can be used as mulch. This helps improve the soil’s moisture and maintain a cool temperature, while adding artistry to your garden bed. It’s one of the most common used tree care services in urban areas, due to the soil’s poor condition. If your trees or plants are having soil problems, and you happen to have wood debris lying around somewhere, contact us and we’ll turn it into mulch for your vegetation.

What is Wood Chipping?

Wood chipping is a service where we shred and chop wood using a machine to create wood chips. They can be used as a biomass solid fuel, raw material for creating wood pulp, or mulch. They don’t cost much and they help reduce waste materials. Some could say it’s a recycling process for your unused pile of wood.

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What is Mulching and What are the Benefits?

Mulching is a method in tree care maintenance that helps cultivate the soil by applying wood chips on the soil’s surface. It offers many benefits for your vegetation, and that is why it has been used often ever since. Here are some benefits you can expect from the service.


  • It can be Cost-Effective: It can replace some positive effects gained from using fertilizers, herbicides, and other solutions. This reduces your expenditures on these treatments that you won’t be needing.
  • It Reduces Weed Growth: It takes up space and leaves no room for weeds to grow. There can be a few that can wiggle their way out into the surface, but their numbers certainly have been reduced.
  • It provides Insulation: Trees and plants are affected by climate, and mulching is a good way to help them survive extreme weather. It helps them overcome heat waves during the summer and the cold winter.
  • It improves the quality of the soil: It can provide nutrients over time. This improves the overall quality of soil, which will ultimately provide your trees with stronger resistance against diseases and illnesses.
  • It can boost Aesthetics: Some cities use mulch as a decorative practice, rather than a care maintenance one. It’s because it increases their property’s appeal and helps increase its market value.
  • It can prevent Erosion: Rain falls and wind surges have a lessened impact, thanks to the mulch covering the soil.
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If you have no wood available for chipping, you can always purchase it from a reputable company. Central Tree Service Lancaster can provide you the wood chips, and the mulching services if need be. You can even request the service after a tree removal for better rates. We have the proper equipment to chip them, and we have certified arborists that can perform the mulching service. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have acquired skills and learned preventive measures that will guarantee you a service that will leave you satisfied. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll even add in a free estimate for good measure.

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