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Everybody wants a home surrounded by healthy trees, lush gardens, and green grass. Whether it’s to increase the property’s value, make it more attractive or to keep it safe, Central Tree Service Lancaster can make it happen. We provide professional fertilization, pruning, tree injections, and other tree care maintenance that will keep your vegetation thriving and flourishing. If you happen to require fertilization services or any tree-related services at all, call us and we’ll send an arborist to help you out.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Having a well-kept garden or lawn means hiring professionals to take care of it. It’s not that we question your skills or knowledge about fertilization, but we have trained for years to do these type of job. Hire someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid minor mistakes that could potentially harm all of your vegetation and prevent injuries. By simply picking the wrong fertilizer or doing it in the worst possible time could lead to irreparable damages.


Here are some other reasons why you should let the professionals do their job.


  • They know what kind of fertilizer to use and when to use them. 
  • They have good knowledge of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. 
  • They already have the right equipment to get the job done.
  • They have the skills to mix certain solutions with fertilizer to improve potency and efficiency.

What are the Benefits?

  • It can treat illnesses. Nutrient deficiency can lead to all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Fertilization can help strengthen the tree’s resistance against them, but it needs to be done properly. Using the wrong one can exacerbate its condition and may cause complications.
  • It can reduce weed growth. By encouraging the growth of your grass and plants, it leaves no space for weeds to grow. With that being said, fertilization can be cost-effective, if you think about your expenses on weed-killers.
  • It improves water absorption. In certain cases where rainfall causes lawns to be soggy, it also limits your vegetation to absorb air. This causes complications that could lead to diseases or rotting. Fertilizers can help strengthen the roots so they can absorb water more efficiently.
  • It stimulates growth and increases resistance. Just like us, trees and plants need nutrients to grow and develop a strong resistance against diseases and illnesses. It is a way of helping them by putting nutrients into their system.

Fertilization is used in many cases. This includes situations such as newly planted trees, diseased, nutrient-deficient, limit weed growth, or to improve the quality of crops. It’s very beneficial to all types of vegetation that it has become a norm for farmers around the world. So, if you think your lawn needs a good boost to their growth and resistance, give us a call and we’ll have our arborist look into the matter and provide you with a good fertilization plan.

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