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Tree health is basically taking care of your tree’s health. Though you might feel it’s not that important as trees tend to be durable, sturdy and strong, they are actually pest magnets and are weakened easily on certain seasons. 


Give your tree a little bit of pampering and you might just be amazed on how it can improve its stature and beauty. Depending on its structural growth, it could also act as a natural, beautiful shade and windbreaker. 


Give us a call and our staff at Central Tree Service Lancaster will happily assist you. We do our best to provide your tree the proper care it needs, including essential nutrients, proper trimming, and necessary pest control.

Picture of a heart-shaped stump representing Lancaster tree health

Tree Health Services

Fertilization and Injection

We provide tree fertilization to improve your tree’s resistance against pests, and also injections that improves or corrects any nutritional deficiencies the tree may be experiencing.


Disease Insect Treatment

There are numerous types of pest problems that could degrade your tree’s integrity, and we are here to manage and treat it with care and efficiency. Being an eco-friendly tree care company, Central Tree Service Lancaster do not use any harsh chemicals that could further damage the environment.


Diagnosis and Consulting

Our experienced arborists and professionally trained technicians are readily available to consult you with your tree problems. If not, they can get to you and assess the situation with you and provide you possible solutions and estimates. 

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