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Planning on moving and want to take your trees with you? Or, do you have a lifeless lot area that you want to be filled with vegetation? Central Tree Service Lancaster can help. We have the means to relocate trees of all shapes and sizes. We can also get your property flourishing with colorful and attractive vegetation, appropriate for the climate of your location.

Whether from a residential, commercial, industrial, or government property, we can make it happen. Just give us a call!

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Why Plant?


The question should be “why shouldn’t you plant?”. There are numerous benefits of healthy and attractive trees. Besides increasing your property’s value, they also alleviate damages caused by natural disasters. They provide shade, fresh air, and much more. You’d also be doing your community a favor by helping a healthy ecosystem.


If you have room for more trees and vegetation, we highly suggest you plant more, or maybe even start your own garden. We can always help if you have issues along the way, and we assure you we have all the necessary skills and equipment to get the job done. 


Why Relocate?


There can be a lot of reasons why you might want to relocate your trees or plants. For one, the sentimental value may be too great to be left behind. Or maybe you have found yourself a buyer. Whatever the reasons you may have, we’ll help you go through the whole process. We have equipment that can handle big-sized trees, and we have the skills to do it safely without getting damaged. Give us the place and time and we’ll plan out the best strategy and get started.


Why Hire a Professional?

  • It requires too much effort and is time-consuming. If you think tree removal is tedious, then you probably haven’t tried relocating trees. They take so much effort and requires a good amount of time to get it done. There are a lot of preparations to consider, especially if it’s a large tree.

  • Relocation will need heavy machinery. Unless your vehicle can carry at least thousands of pounds, then you might want to rent a more suitable vehicle. It’s either that or you can just hire professionals. Here at Central Tree Service Lancaster, we do our best to make our prices as reasonable as possible.

  • Replanting or relocating trees requires good knowledge and skill. There are various methods and protocols to get the job done efficiently and responsibly, and we have specifically trained for them.

  • The job is hazardous, even for professionals. Some inexperienced professionals can sometimes be caught unprepared and acquire injuries, especially when planting or moving huge trees. Keep your family safe and hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

  • Hiring a professional is cost-effective. Considering the expenses you might have to deal with, it’s better to hire professionals. You won’t have to worry about property damages, liability issues, and rentals.

Tree planting and relocation is quite an enormous job, and it comes with many safety hazards you wouldn’t want to risk for your family or yourself. It is best to contact your local tree service company to take care of the matter. It’s much more efficient and safer for everyone else. If you are anywhere near Lancaster, PA, Central Tree Service Lancaster is just a call away.



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