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Here at Central Tree Service Lancaster, we know just how important proper tree trimming and pruning are. They are old, yet effective methods in cutting off diseased, infested and damaged limbs to encourage healthy growth. It is also a matter of keeping your property and nearby areas safe. As reports have shown, damaged limbs can be the cause of accidents and injuries. A good reason to have them trimmed or pruned.

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Benefits of Trimming and Pruning


  • Prevent accidents and injuries. Pruning keeps your trees healthy, and that means not having to worry about diseases, pests, and broken branches.


  • Improve your property’s aesthetics. Overgrown shrubs and bushes are eyesores. Cutting unnecessary limbs and foliage can make them look attractive, as well as keeping their health in check. 


  • Increases your property’s value. You’d think that taking care of your trees and plants would cost you, but contrary to that thought, it’s an investment that could turn into a profit. As your property’s aesthetics improve, so does its value. 


  • Healthier vegetation. Heavy foliage tends to block the sunlight from reaching other parts of your vegetation, harming its food production and distribution. This can result in illness, diseases, or even pest infestations. Proper trimming should provide better sunlight exposure and good air circulation.


  • Encourage healthy growth. Pruning can increase the quality and quantity of your crops, as long as it’s done properly and at an appropriate time.


Trimming and pruning are essential methods in tree care service that can result in a healthy lawn and a lush garden. It can significantly improve the aesthetics of your property, and thus increasing its financial value. As a tree care company that values the environment and the benefits it provides, we always take our tree service seriously. Not only does it help us with our property’s aesthetics, but it also keeps us safe. If you’re anywhere near Lancaster, PA, call us and we’ll make sure your vegetation gets the proper care they deserve.


Things to Avoid when Trimming or Pruning


If you would like to it yourself, here are some helpful tips to get you started.


  • Avoid cutting random stems or branches. You should only cut stems or branches that are dying, diseased, dead, or are pest infested. Also, you should not cut too close or too far from the branch collar. This could mean the difference between harming your trees and helping them.

  • Don’t prune during the fall season. This is when most trees and plants are preparing themselves to go dormant. Pruning them at this time will encourage unhealthy growth for your trees and plants.

  • Don’t overdo it.  Over-pruning may not be fatal, but it can certainly do some serious damage. It cuts off some of their food production and food distribution, which can turn into health problems. A good rule of thumb is to cut less than 15% of your tree or plant.

  • Try to focus on younger stems or branches. They are more manageable and have a lower risk of leaving wounds that can turn into health complications.

  • Avoid using dirty or rusty tools. Cutting tools should always be clean and sterile. It can be the cause of spreading diseases or illnesses.


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